Project Description

Quexito Films / Osmos Global / Spotify

Quexito Films options the successful Spotify podcast El Rey del Cachopo to produce a fictional series

The Spotify original and Osmos Global podcast will become a fiction series, in collaboration with the producers of Es por tu bien [For Your Own Good] and Operación Camarón [Undercover Wedding Crashers].

El Rey del Cachopo, portada del podcast original

In 2021, Spotify released, in collaboration with Osmos Global, El Rey del Cachopo, a podcast that consisted of 12 parts, exploring the life of César Román. A businessman from Madrid who tried to establish a successful chain of Asturian restaurants, that later saw himself forced to take the life of his lover, Heidi Paz.

Now, the original podcast directed by Daniel Higueras, will be adapted for television as a scripted fiction series based on real events.The screenplay would make use of all the documented and investigative work already carried out by the Osmos team, which includes unpublished details, and plots that were not revealed in the original Spotify podcast.

“Adapting the story of César Román for scripted television, gives us the opportunity to show the many facets of a fascinating and deeply complex character that we do not fully cover in the podcast,” says Daniel Higueras, CEO, and executive producer of Osmos Global, “In 2018, the story of César Román and his “cachopo” – a traditional dish in the Asturian cuisine – empire, triggered numerous Google searches. Now, a few years later, the buzz the podcast has generated has exceeded our wildest expectations. As Juan Diego Quesada, a journalist from El País involved in the investigation of the plot states – this is one of the few cases that fulfils the fundamentals of successful entertainment – money, drama, and amusement. Adapting this story from the original podcast into the unscripted television format was only a natural step for us, one that the followers of the podcast have been craving for ever since the release of the podcast.”.

“At Quexito Films we have always opted for talent and avant-garde formats that arouse our interest, and naturally, that of the audience,” add Miguel González and Eduardo Jiménez, executive producers of Quexito Films. “The rise of the podcast format in recent times, and especially, those with themes of suspense, mystery, and crime is indisputable. Osmos Global has been able to efficiently capture the essence of this story. Both, the exhaustive journalistic work on their end, and the process of adapting it into the series format has been impeccable, so we immediately knew that the only way it made sense to approach this project was from the hands of its original creators.Being the only audio-visual production company with access to its exclusive material,, and working with the initial authors of the original podcast has helped placing us at an ideal starting point to fictionalize César Román, hence making the most of his story.” Additionally, we are delighted to count onNacho Cabana, an accomplished screenwriter, with immense experience as our in-house head of screenplay development for fictional projects here at Quexito Films, who will help oversee the adaptation from the podcast format to television..