Project Description


Manuela and José love their child, Edu, and his wife very much and, above all, they absolutely adore their grandchildren. But, Edu often takes them for granted as he repeatedly leaves his children with them, being the good grandparents that they are.

Manuela and José can no longer remember the last time they had a moment to themselves. And to top it all off, this summer, Edu tries to persuade them into canceling a long-awaited trip. All due to Edu and his wife, who, supposedly, have an all-important business trip in Germany. The truth will soon spill out: as his wife and Edu himself are actually on vacation in Bali. Leaving the grandparents, Manuela and José, infuriated.

Manuela and José will stop being the caring grandparents that Edu thinks and wants them to be, and they will make their grandchildren spend the worst summer of their lives. But the grandchildren have other plans, as Carla, Guille, and Ali join forces, and with ingenuity, cunningness, and intent – they fight their grandparents in a “who can make each other’s lives hell” war.

Who will get away with it, the parents, the grandchildren, or the grandparents? Manuela and José have one thing very clear: “If you didn’t want them, you shouldn’t have had them.”


RELEASE DATE: Coming soon
FORMAT: Feature film
GENRE: Comedy
PRODUCERS: TeleCinco Cinema, Quexito Films, Aliwood, Creced & Multiplicaos AIE, with the participation of Mediaset España, Movistar+ & Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group
DIRECTOR: Víctor García Leon
SCRIPT: Josep Gatell & Manuel Burque


Tito Valverde, Gracia Olayo, Toni Acosta, Ernesto Sevilla, Nicolás Costi, Daniela Rubio, Marta de Toro, Ricardo Mas, Ramón Barea, Nuria Herrero

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